MERIDIAN SALES APP | Power in the palm of your hand

Knowing what is going on in your business, and how it is performing, is of critical interest to all retailers. “Knowledge is power”, and the more you know about your business’s performance the better you are able to plan for its future and derive the most success from it moving forward.


Now, with the Meridian Sales App, you have access to this information 24/7. The Meridian Sales App allows you to keep on top of all your sales data, by store, by department, and much, much more. So, even when you’re not in store, you’re still 100% in control, with all your important data a click away, in the palm of your hand.


All the sales data collected by Meridian EPOS is available on the Meridian Sales App and is accessible from the App. Just open the App, select the date range, select the store and drill down as much or as little as you like.

Sales by Date

Sales by Store

Sales by Department

Sales by Category

Meridian Sales | Key Features:

Meridian Sales | Key Benefits

Sales in Real time:

Check out your sales at the touch of a button … anywhere, in real time.



Sales aggregated across all sites – check one store’s results or the total for all.


Category Functionality:

Split out your sales by category. Check out the top performers … and those which are not performing.


Try it for yourself … download it today.


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