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Retail Integration provides a full range of services to supplement and support the Meridian EPOS platform, thus enhancing the overall customer offer. These services include Consultation, Installation and Training, Ongoing Support, Maintenance & Development and the Supply of Hardware and Consumables.



At every stage of the process Retail Integration is on hand to consult with customers and advise them on the best options available to them – no matter what the challenge. With over twenty years experience in the industry we have come across pretty much every issue faced by retailers and system tweak requested by retailers, and we have provided expert advise to our customers to address these issues or requirements. Our team has extensive expertise across the ICT and EPOS spectrum so we can tackle your issues quickly and effectively – no matter what it is.



We work closely with all customers to ensure a quick and seamless installation of the Meridian system – no matter what their size – whether these are single-site or multi-site retailers. In the case of multi-site customers, we can work on a roll-out plan to quickly get you up and running with your new Meridian software, and hardware too, where required. Obviously, conscious that most retailers work 7 days a week, we will work closely with you to ensure installation can occur at a time with the least amount of disruption – ensuring you are up and running as quickly as possible.



We want you to get the most out of your Meridian EPOS system so we take the time to show you how to use it properly. In all cases a certain amount of training is provided Free of Charge. For customers looking for a more extensive training programme, we can manage this from start to finish. In the case of large retailers with multiple sites, we can operate a series of “train the trainer” sessions, ensuring that you can manage the training implementation yourself, or we can manage the entire process for you over an agreed roll-out programme, ensuring all staff get a consistent and thorough understanding of how to use the system properly and how to get the maximum return from it.


Ongoing Support, Maintenance & Development:

We are always on hand to help if you need it, whether over the phone, or via email. Where necessary we may even access your system remotely. The system is extremely stable and doesn’t really go down, but we are always close by should any issues occur. The system is regularly updated and these updates are made available to all customers.


For those who need to take their system to the next level, we can also offer a fully chargeable development service. While the Meridian system has extensive capabilities and features straight out of the box, sometimes retailers just want something a little extra from the system – perhaps integration with another 3rd party system, or the addition of a unique service, or the addition of non-standard reporting. Obviously we are happy to work with every retailer to get the absolute “most” of their system, and in many cases, give them an edge over their competitors.


Equipment, Hardware & Consumables:

While our area of expertise is EPOS software, no software works without hardware, so we are happy to organise 3rd party hardware and equipment for all our customers, whether you want the top of the range or a more modest system to meet your needs. We can also source whatever consumables you might require to get the best out of your system.


Meridian | Some of your Questions Answered

Do you have other customers in the same sector?

We understand that buying an EPOS System is a big investment for a retailer which they cannot afford to get wrong. We have been in business for over twenty years and have worked with many retailers in a wide range of sectors and as a result our developers and support teams have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. We also have a large number of customers who have been through the process and are more than willing to share their experience.

Can you convert data from my existing epos system and bring it forward into Meridian?

Yes , in the vast majority of cases we can convert your existing data and bring it forward into Meridian ensuring a seamless upgrade.

Will Meridian be able to integrate with our website?

Having an online presence is an essential aspect of retail and we have integrated with a host of websites running on a number of platforms. Meridian can provide stock and pricing information to your site and take sales down for processing as frequently as you require.

Will Meridian be able to integrate with the other solutions I use?

Meridian has integrated with ERP Solutions, accounting packages, bookkeeping systems, footfall counters, CCTV Systems and CRM to ensure that the retailer get maximum benefit.

Will Meridian generate a Suggested Purchase Order?

Yes, based on set Min/Max Stock Levels or sales activity. (It will even take into account days not in stock) The Purchase Order can be mailed directly to the supplier

Can Meridian handle my offers and promotions?

Meridian will be able to apply almost any offer or promotion. It can be based on product, customer, location or time ( or any mix).

If we require bespoke development can you facilitate us?

Meridian is our own software and is developed in-house. Development is ongoing and constant. If you require bespoke development then you have access to the people who wrote the software to come up with the best solution for you.

Does Meridian offer an integrated loyalty scheme?

Yes, the integrated Loyalty Scheme can be used to reward your customers for their continued business. Not only can they earn points when they spend but they can also be notified of promotions and events that can be tailored for them depending on their purchasing patterns.

Does Meridian offer gift card functionality?

Yes, Gift cards and gift vouchers can be used with the system.

Is Meridian a “cloud based system”?

Meridian has cloud functionality, in that it updates HO on a continual basis ensuring that information is virtually live – however we do install the licences locally which, among other issues ensures that you can continue to trade regardless of the quality of the broadband connection.

What are the minimum hardware requirements for running Meridian?

Currently Meridian can run on any windows device that has at least 2MB of RAM

Will you provide training?

We provide training before the system goes in and as required on an ongoing basis.

Do you provide ongoing support?

Our award winning support desk are there to keep you trading 7 days a week.

Can you supply hardware?

Yes, we can supply hardware, if required.

What is the lead time for installation?

The lead time is completely dependent on the requirements of the customer so call us today and let us help you upgrade your systems.