Getting your store online has never been easier

Getting your store online has never been easier thanks to Meridian’s integration with Shopify.


If you’re thinking of taking your bricks and mortar store online, there has never been a better time. Now integration between Meridian EPOS (Ireland’s leading EPOS system) and Shopify (The leading cloud-based, multi-channel commerce web platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses) has never been easier.

Traditionally, the time and cost of implementing an online retail channel was significant, however, today, thanks to increased and better technology, these are nothing like those faced in the past. Also, in their desire for businesses to embrace online sales channels, the Irish government and many of its development agencies, have and continue to give significant grant aid to support companies in this regard. You may be eligible for the Trading Online Voucher Scheme – a grant of up to €2,500, from your Local Enterprise Office (see here).


In moving to online retail, what is critical is that your system is integrated. It is vital that your current EPOS system, which manages your day to day sales transactions, stock control, ordering and reporting, talks to your online retail system. If the two systems aren’t integrated and don’t talk to each other, you will find it very difficult to manage the process, particulalry if you have many SKUs, and this will result in stock outs, back orders and very irate customers. The perfect solution is an integrated system, where your EPOS and Online systems work in perfect harmony together. Finally, at the entry level of the market, there is a solution that achieves that objective; that solution is Meridian EPOS and Shopify.

This is the easiest way to get your store online while maintaining full integration with your EPOS and Stock Management System. Talk to Retail Integration today about getting your bricks and mortar store (and Meridian EPOS) online with the minimum of effort or expense.