Get your store online & integrate with Meridian Webinar

Are you keen to get your store online and fully integrate it with your EPOS and Stock Management System? The process used to be complex and expensive, however it is now very much in reach of all retailers, no matter what size you are.

Retail Integration has recently developed OMNISHOP, the seamless integration tool you need to merge your EPOS and Stock Management System (Meridian EPOS) and your online eCommerce solution (Shopify) allowing you to engage in a truly omnichannel environment.

We are delighted to bring you an online Webinar all about Omnishop – to give you some background, to show you how easy it is and to answer as many of your queries as we can. This webinar will take place on Friday, 17th July at 8.30am with just a 30 minute duration. Places are limited so please book early. To register just click the image below.