Upgrading your traditional loyalty program does not have to be costly

Upgrading your traditional loyalty program with Retail Integration

Consumer expectations are constantly shifting, so a great customer loyalty program should never stop evolving either. At Retail Integration, we understand that a truly innovative approach to customer loyalty programs can create huge value for Irish retailers and visitor attractions.   What is a customer loyalty program? A customer loyalty program is a customer-facing marketing […]

Developing sustainable software solutions for a greener future

Retail Integration develop sustainable software

Consumers are increasingly conscious of their effect on the environment and how they can help to be more sustainable every day. Google searches for terms related to supportive spending, including sustainability and corporate responsibility grew 300% and 600% in 2020. This is a trend that can’t be ignored, so it’s important that retailers and attractions […]

Staying on top of the Digital Transformation

Melissa Moore writes about Staying on top of the Digital Transformation for Retail Integration

Retail has been through a rapid digital transformation over the last couple of years. Even brands with ecommerce sites before covid had to up their game as they battled for selling space. With all the extra choice online and the physical retailers fighting back with in-store experiences, consumers have more retail options than ever. International […]

Top 5 ways Pharmacies can streamline their retail offering

Growing pharmacy retail with Retail Integration

Pharmacies are one of the fastest-growing and evolving businesses in Ireland and with a large customer base already built-in from their location, they have a great opportunity to grow their pharmacy retail offering. One of the main challenges for independent pharmacies is standing out from their competition while maintaining employee and patient safety and driving […]

The benefits of a fully integrated EPOS

In any retail business with multichannel sales online across multiple locations, a fully integrated EPOS system can be a huge benefit. Many retailers find managing stock levels, pricing, sales and getting accurate cross-channel reports challenging with a disjointed online and traditional POS system.   What is an EPOS? An EPOS, or Electronic Point of Sale […]

Retail Integration feature update April 2022

With over 25 years of experience in developing our own proprietary EPOS and retail software solutions, Retail Integration are the partner of choice to many leading retailers and visitor attraction sites. Our retail and technology experts develop all of our EPOS, retail and ticketing systems in-house which enables our team to activity develop new features and keep […]

How to increase visitor attraction attendance on wet days

Working with our customers to ensure our multichannel ticketing system ‘Meridian Experience’ brings them the best possible features, we have seen first-hand that a lot of visitor attractions see a marked decrease in visitors on wet and windy days and during the Winter months. Ensuring your customers show up is the first step to having […]

Top Tips to bring Retail Back to Life in your visitor attraction!

It has been a tough time for visitor attractions all over Ireland but with renewed hope that international tourists are returning to our shores, it’s time to dust the cobwebs away and showcase what makes our country such a compelling place to visit. Retail is an intrinsic part of the overall experience in every visitor […]

Guaranteed Irish Podcast with Guest Speaker, Patrick Heslin, Managing Director, Retail Integration

Guaranteed Irish Podcast Series, Episode 88. Interview with Patrick Heslin, Managing Director, Retail Integration. In this edition of the Guaranteed Irish podcast Patrick Heslin Managing Director of Retail Integration chats to Guaranteed Irish CEO Brid O’Connell about their software solutions for retailers, how COVID impacted their business, supporting retailers to move online, working with Enterprise […]

Fáilte Ireland Business Continuity Scheme | How Retail Integration Can Help

Fáilte Ireland Attraction and Activity Operators Tourism Business Continuity Scheme Retail Integration are delighted to offer FREE application advice to all visitor attractions who wish to apply for the Failte Ireland Strategic Business Continuity Scheme. This scheme will provide financial support to all visitor attractions and outdoor activity operators. Key eligibility criteria: Minimum Turnover: Have a minimum eligible […]